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Today we have a really exciting posts, we will be discussing the Corinth Canal bridge, a submersible bridge [A submersible bridge is a bridge purposely arranged to be below the level of high floods and so designed and constructed that high floods may pass over it without damage to the structure. R.P. Mears] built between 1881 and 1893 located in Greece. 


‘The Corinth Canal in Greece cuts through the narrow Isthmus of Corinth and separates the Peloponnesian peninsula from the Greek mainland, connecting the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea.’ [Source: amusingplanet]

Advantage of design

The primary advantage of lowering the bridge instead of lifting it above is that there is no structure above the shipping channel and thus no height limitation on ship traffic.


The Structural Engineer > Archive > Volume 9 (1931) > Issues > Issue 12 > Submersible Bridges