Christmas preparedness part 1

Good day one and all it has been a while since last we posted and we’re so sorry for taking such a long time to share some of these overdue Christmas preparedness posts. These posts includes top decorating ideas for the Christmas, DIY Christmas decorations, the best of tech gifts for Christmas under $50 and $25 and much more so do keep posted. For simplicity, we will be doing these posts in segments and opening a new category called Christmas preparedness for convenience.

We all love to save money so here are a few simple easy inexpensive ways to get your home Christmas ready.

  • Declutter

    Cut out the Clutter from your home. Take the time to organize believe me this is the gift that keeps on coming and one you surely can appreciate all year round.

  • Paint

That is all it takes most of the time, a new layer of paint has the ability to transform your home in a few swipes.

  • DIY

Why spend a lot of money on simple decorations and home accessories when you can diy and give the gift of memories that will surely lasts a lifetime. For example creating your own cushion covers from unused material, you had for years. Or create and designing your own Christmas wreaths from the material from your choice and have your guests wondering where you bought your one of a kind piece.

  • Transform your old Furniture

Don’t waste your money on hurriedly last minute items, instead reupholster and you would surprise yourself what a big change it makes.

  • LED

Save money an reap the benefits of purchasing (LED lighting) light-emitting diode an energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technology. “Quality LED light bulbs last longer, are more durable, and offer comparable or better light quality than other types of lighting.” [Source energy.gov]

  • Buy ONLY what you need

Avoid unwanted purchases by asking these simple questions:

  1. Do I need this or DO I want this?
  2. Will this help my chores, decor and if so how?
  3. Will it make my life easier by saving time?
  4. How many projects will it assist me with?
  • buy quality not quantity

  • The Christmas Scent 

Let your guests be greeted by the lovely scents of baking goodies or the sweet scent of flowers to welcome them. This is a very easy way to set the mood and stomachs of your guests.

  • Festive music

Play Parang this is another good way for creating that lively, festive setting. Let your visitors know this is where the ‘lime is’ (party is) as we say.