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Creating your own wonderland can be an easy DIY Project but there are some important essentials you should consider before starting. The first, is the planning stage no matter how small how think your project is you should always plan, you can find this information here Considerations before attempting your Landscape Design. The second, which we will be discussing today is what you should aim for when designing your landscape. The two goes ‘hand-in-hand’ as we say so do read these two articles to make the best decisions possible. So let us get started!

  1. The first is a landscape design that is low maintenance. Not every household will have the time to spend hours pruning and wetting their plants so your best option is low maintenance plants. Or for you regular vacationers, who return only to see dead and brown plants grazing your lawn this is a great option for you. Most plant shops will have labels on them stating the name of the plant, if it is a shaded or non-shaded plant, and some will even give you a short description and an image of the adult plant. Research also some of the plants you may want to place in your yard and do make sure that it is suitable to the environment of your home: the soil, drainage (water), sunlight and wind.
  2. Multi-purpose. Your landscape should always serve multiple functions: if you have a one-dimensional landscape, it is NOT functional. Your landscape should… well be all of these points and more.
  3. Lower noise and air pollution by acting as a barrier. Noise Pollution Solutions: Creating the perfect neighborhood.
  4. Provide privacy. Your yard should be a haven and you should not have to worry about peaky neighbors, plant plants that will not obstruct or go beyond your premises.
  5. Be efficient in water consumption- XERISCAPING
  6. Provide shading which in turn will save you money on heating and cooling needs. For additional cooling think of installing a water feature; How To create your own Outdoor Getaway.
  7. Be aesthetically pleasing. It should create an enchanting scenery.
  8. Provide a habitat for wildlife. Do your part and give back to nature and it will be generous to you. We are also fulfilling our part as Engineers: Wildlife Crossings: Engineering that saves lives. So do help, think of green roofs or even adding a few plants that bees love once you’re not allergic. For flowers and information on creating a Bee Friendly Garden. The reason we say this, is because of a disease that is affecting the honey bees that we desperately need for our survival for our plants and crops. For more information on Colony Collapse Disorder and the Vanishing of Bees and how it affects us.

For any queries or further advice, feel free to contact us through our social media forums or website. Have a wonderful day to you all!