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We all like our homes to be beautiful and luxurious without ‘breaking the bank’ so what are our options?

1. We must start somewhere, and the first step is to declutter. Find an ideal place for the items you want to keep, recycle items you no longer want, and have a yard sale for others you do not need and make some extra cash. Before you sell your items, go over each one with a creative eye; ask yourself if it can be fixed, re-upholstered, refurbished, painted, and made new? Most homeowners ‘sell’ their old items at yard sales, purchase new ones sometimes of inferior quality and then become upset. Why? Because ‘they just do not make things like they use to’. Hence, the popularity of these sales! Buyers walk away paying very little for strong vintage material items that just needs a little work. As they say, ‘one man’s trash is another…

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