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It is time to stop pushing, throwing and 48716ef70e5bbad2_3471-w660-h420-b0-p0--contemporary-closetshoving your articles of clothing around as you struggle to find the garment you want for NOW! Instead, opt for an efficient closet that makes life just a little easier. The closet should be one of the most organized and stylish places in your home that makes your life easier and hassle free.


Here are a few tips and tricks to achieve the perfect closet.

1. Determine the type of closet you want.

Walk-in Closets – The larger of the two. Often found in master bedrooms suites. They come in different shapes and sizes.



Reach-In Closets. Found in most homes and offices. The smaller of the two.  However, with proper planning and design it can be the efficient closet you need and want.


Things to note:

a. A well-designed reach in closet can compete and be just as effective as a Walk-In Closet.

b. Larger closets may waste space and money.

c. Storage is one of the biggest factors in your home, (property buyers and homeowners should always ensure that there is enough storage. This will aid in keeping your home tidy and organized).



2. Consider your budget. Whether your start-up home or permanent residence consider your storage. This is always a main reason in buying, selling or residing in a home. In addition, it adds value to your home so consider it an investment. However, invest wisely! The following steps will help you decide the best choice for you and your family.

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3. Single or double. It is important in designing your closet that everyone has his or her own space.



4. Take measurements have proper planning. A well-designed closet can save you space, time and money.



5. Know what you have. In order to decide your closet layout and size it is best to know how many articles of clothing you have.



6. Plan for the future. Closet layouts should  take into account an increase of articles during the years.



7. Know your Lifestyle. It is important that the items you use constantly should be the easiest to reach.



8.  Utilize the area. This starts from the ceiling to the floor.



9. Organization. Partition is the best option for separating your clothing, shoes and accessories.  Ensure that each item has its own space. Shirts, dresses and pants need long hanging spaces. Shelves for folded clothes and draws. The floor space can be used for shoes.



10. Add Accessories. Pants rack, Drawer dividers or Tie rack simplifies and adds style to any closet.