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Wanting to increase the value of your home by adding curb appeal or maybe you just want a beautiful landscape design, whatever the reason we want to assist you by giving you key points to save money on your landscape whether small or large.

  • As always, we emphasize planning. Planning is the most important element for any design and it is a good way to save you money, create, and maintain a budget for the necessities: materials, tools, soil, rocks, mulch, plants, ponds, fence, patios, and professional consultation if needed. The first step set a budget and a design plan! Keep in mind landscape designs do not have to large or too extravagant and it should go along with your homes design and feel.
  • Know exactly what you want before you begin. Do not buy what you do not want and need. Excessive plants look ungroomed and too clustered.


    Image Source: http://www.lgreec.com

  • Know your limits. If you find yourself in difficulties or maybe you may only need a design layout do consult a professional.

  • Buy seeds when you can instead of seedlings. The more mature the plant the heftier the price.

  • Get great deals on plants and equipment by buying in bulk.

  • Comparison shop. Visit or call and ask the price of plants and the conditions in which they should be grown to ensure the longevity of your plants.

  • Instead of flagstone paths or another material, consider inexpensive mulch paths

  • Use solar lights to light paths and highlight features.

Purchase furniture that are well-made strong and durable.