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  1.     Keep it simple!     home-decor-1
  2. Embellish with plants or fruits. It is good to include a bit of nature.fruit
  3. Declutter your space.

white walls

4. Decorate your coffee table with books; this is a good decorating tool as well as a conversational piece.

books on coffee table

5. Frame your posters. Remember it is you’re your so add some family portraits


6. Add some color to the couch. Throw pillows are a good starting point.

trow pillows

7. Paint your walls (Research and find your preference)

(paint an accent wall for a pop of color)

Bold Colours                                                                     OR


8. Paint White. 

It gives the look of light, expense and an open space. (Again it is up to you!)

Decorative-Living-Room WHITE

9. Paint the Interior Doors Black. Painting your interior doors black makes your space look more expensive

black doors

10. Recycle No need to buy new furniture to keep up with the Joneses, simply refurbish, or restore your furniture to new.


11. Beefing up your architectural molding can make your rooms feel larger and richer


12. Interesting light fixture. Add some personality to your room