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Good day you guys, hope you all are doing fine. Today we have some simple easy design ideas that you can do with the extra pieces of glass you have around your home or in case you ordered too many glass panes. The ideas range from small to a bit larger nothing extremely big and demanding that you cannot do yourself. Again, this is another easy DIY Project that is all about reusing. So let’s begin.

  • mirror

The simplest of course is a mirror. All you need are simple everyday tools for this project. This is a great starter project if your new to diys or just learning your tools, just remember to be safe, wear proper clothing, read your manuals, learn your equipment and no short cuts. A lot of time we see individuals jumping right in, take the time and prepare for you begin any project. There are numerous accidents from power tools every year that could be avoided by learning how to use your equipment the right way. Some videos show individuals attempting a project without the safety guard and others do the same, not knowing how important it is so no matter how simple it may seem read, learn, concentrate before any project.

However, you can look at videos for tips for easier ways to approach the design and style before beginning and best of luck. Here is a quick guide to creating a simple basic mirror frame (How to Build a Frame Around a Bathroom Mirror), depending on your style and capabilities you can add moldings, get creative with shapes and patterns.

  • Picture frame

Image Source -www.diypete.com

Image Source diypete

An yes a picture frame. One of our favorite joinery systems is the pocket hole joinery for more information visit Kreg. To see how this may be used here is a quick short video and do  not worry it can also be used for other numerous projects.

Lighted shadow box

Image Source- imagefreehd

Image Source- imagefreehd

For a bit more zest you can opt for a lighted shadow box. Here is a great enthusiastic video as always by Steve Ramsey on how to do that.

  • Display case

    Image Source- wangdashowcases

    Image Source- wangdashowcases

Make your own display case to display family heirlooms, antique models or in our case architectural and engineering models. To do this check the condition and quality of your glass before you start by measuring.

  • Terrarium

So once you learn how to make a display case and properly seal the joints then maybe you could think of creating your own terrarium, it is a little bit different but worth a thought.

For part 2 keep tuned for more great ideas. If you would like to add to our list leave your comments in our comment section.