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Light fixtures are one of the most important assets for home safety and style.

To save money you can buy a signature light fixture and rid yourself of buying other decorative household items. Think for a moment people are always interested in sunsets and sunrise, why?


Its because of the contrast between the dark and the light. Hence, they are so popular in photography. People are drawn to Beautiful images of houses in the night with the interior and exterior lights piercing through making it look expensive and luxurious.


According to designer Randall Whitehead “Think of decorative lighting as architectural jewelry. It can dress up or dress down the look“.


Therefore, here are the steps or considerations in choosing the perfect light.

1. Know the different kinds of lighting:

a. Ambient lighting this type is important for general lighting it may pendants, recessed lighting or natural light allowing you to navigate.


b. Task lighting is for as the name suggests tasks; example a study room will require reading lamps.

task lighting

c. Accent lights, used to show focal objects in one’s home, such as a light highlighting a portrait.


d. Aesthetic/decorative lights, these are lights that all on their own portray an art like quality.


2. Space.

After learning, the different kinds of lighting decide what kind of lighting is needed. Keep in mind you can have more than one, but there is also something as too much light. For instance, a bedroom may have a chandelier and lamp for reading.


3. Style.

Decide Modern or traditional or maybe something in between.

4. Shape.

An unusual shape adds interest so think color as well.

5. Size.

Think about the size of of the decorative fixture in relation to the space. It’s all about proportions!


6. Safety.

Stairways, halls must be well lit to prevent accidents. Do not forget about exterior lighting. Landscape lighting, serves several functions, they add beauty; add focal point and extra safety. Exterior lights are beautiful but some may give off glare that can be annoying to neighbors and passers-by so be wise shopping.